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Technological process

Technological process of plywood production with the outer layers of hardwood veneer for general use, WBP glued, according to GOST 3916.1-96, includes following stages:

6. Veneer grading

One part of the dried veneer goes to the jointing and patching zone, another to grading immediately.Veneer is graded after scarf jointing and patching.

Veneer grading is conducted according to the following requirements:
- state standards GOST 99-96 (Rotary-cut veneer. Technical requirements)
- state standards GOST 3916.1-9 (Plywood with outer layers of hardwood for general use.)
- individual customer requirements

custom size and pieces of veneer remaining after cutting are fed to long grain scarf for jointing along the fibers of the inner layers on the Hashimoto equipment, and the veneer cut across goes to Composing

7. Composing

The composed cross grain veneer is used for the inner plies of big-size plywood.

8. Scarf jointing

The scarf jointing is made on the machines with the veneer feed along and across the fiber.

9. Patching

The pieces of veneer with the average width of 49 m2 are used for patching. According to the fibre direction and color of the wood, the insertions that are densely held in veneer, are being selected. as well as the panels for patching are supposed to be of the same species and thickness.

10. Glue preparation and putting

Phenol-formaldehyde glue is being used for gluing the WBP plywood , the recipe of which is unique for our production and was worked out by our technologists.

The glue putting is executed on the roll glue spreaders by the channeled metal drums of the precise cylindrical shape.