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Technological process

Technological process of plywood production with the outer layers of hardwood veneer for general use, WBP glued, according to GOST 3916.1-96, includes following stages:

11. Panel Assembling and Pre-pressing

After glue putting veneer is formed into panels assembling which go to pre-pressing. The pre-pressing process runs according to the fixed regime before loading panels to hot-press.

12. Hot pressing

The mill has a steam heated hot press, which is equipped with the electronic press management system, mechanical loading and unloading.

After hot-pressing the plywood stacks are kept in the workshop for 24 hours to withdraw the inner panel tension.

13. Trimming and sanding

Trimming of panels is executed on the sizing machine “AWB Schelling”

After trimming, by the means of autoloader, the plywood is either being sent to Steinmann sanding machine or to grading

14. Sorting, packing, packaging

After trimming and sanding all plywood is manually graded according to the state standards GOST 3916.1-96or individual customer requirements.

Plywood is shipped in bundles containing panels of uniform grade, size and thickness. They are firmly protected from damage during transportation. Each bundle is packed from 4 sides into plywood packages that are tied up by metal belt. Standard packing may be changed in accordance with the contract conditions.