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Technological process

Technological process of plywood production with the outer layers of hardwood veneer for general use, WBP glued, according to GOST 3916.1-96, includes following stages:

1. Preparing logs for rotary peeling

We choose exceptionally the best wood suppliers for the plywood production. Veneer is manufactured from the birch block logs (State standards GOST 9462-88)

The automatically maintained schedule of soft hydrothermal handling of the raw materials in ponds enables reduction of internal tension of timber and number of splits.

2. Debarking

The process of logs debarking comprises the removing of bark and bast off logs. After debarking which is being conducted on the Valone Kone barker, logs are being scanned by a scanning device that determines their cubic capacity.

3. Block cutting

The cutting of logs into the blocks is being fulfilled on a saw logs machine in semi-automatic regime. This is the stage where the width of the future veneer is being set .

The waste is being collected in the section of the waste processing.

The logs cut into the blocks are being sent to accumulator and then to a peeling machine.

4. Peeling, cutting and veneer placing

The veneer peeling is made on peeling lines. The veneer cutting into sizes is fulfilled on cutter.

The veneer sheets are heading to the pneumatic cutter after the peeling, by means of this cutter there is made a semi-automatic cutout into different formats.

The piles of the peeled veneer sheets are fed to the dryer

5. Drying

Veneer drying is conducted in roller dryers, which operate on furnace gases, as well as on thermo-oil dryer 'FEZER'