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Development history

Demidovo Plywood Mill is situated in Demidovo of Vladimirskaya oblast. It is the first plywood mill to be built up from scratch in Russia since the year 1991. As of the moment of its birth, the Demidovo Plywood Mill has been targeted for the big-size plywood which is in the permanently growing demand as in Russia so abroad

Stages of Demidovo Plywood Mill development:

  • 1999 – Creation of “DPM”
  • 2001 – Manufacturing of the first consignment of birch plywood.
  • 2003 – introduction of the film faced plywood production.
  • 2004 – DIN 68 705 standard certification and obtaining of the BFU – 100 Certificate for the products of “DPM” Development of production. Development of the capacities increase program.
  • 2005 – Implementati of the Investment program of the production capacities  increase  
  • 2006 – ERP Integration. Taking decisions on further capacities increase.
  • 2007 – Increasing of production capacity up to 90 000 m3 per year, as a next step of strategic development program implementation.
  • 2008 - Production capacities increase up to 100 000 м3 per annum 

The “DPM” production volumes increase dynamics