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Your Benefits of cooperation with “DPM”

  1. You are always confident in the future when working with “DPM”, our company has flawless reputation, we have always fulfilled our contractual obligations even during the hard times of the plywood shortage, and we haven’t had any unfulfilled contracts
  2. When working with us, you are always sure that all of your needs will be satisfied as our production process is optimized in such a way that it lets us be very flexible and always be able to adjust ourselves to the needs of our partners
  3. You get a very high quality products as our plywood exceeds the GOST requirements by 40%
  4. You even do not need to care about the deliveries, our shipments always come onetime, and always safe as we use such a logistic system that lets us guarantee the punctuality and safety of our deliveries. Another distinctive feature is that for all its punctuality and safety our logistics is much cheaper than those on the market
  5. You are always sure that there wont be any matter unsolved and we are always opened for a dialogue on any question, as we are a team of young, dynamic, open-minded professionals
  6. We always understand the position of our partners as we are aimed at the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation
  7. You do not need to take care of anything related to plywood, we take care of all this, you only receive your product ready for application, that undoubtedly increases the effectiveness of your production or services, decreases your time and thus your costs.